LMK is a modern laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which allows utilization of the cutting-edge technologies that provide accurate and fast diagnosis for any prevalent human disease in Uganda. Because LMK is a member of Center for Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta USA, it is able to access other technologies that may not exist in Uganda.

The vision of LMK is to become the leading private medical laboratory in Uganda, the East African region and beyond. Our core values include integrity, honesty, confidentiality, ethical behavior and customer satisfaction.

The laboratory has a Board of Directors comprising: a consultant physician, a nutritionist, an immunochemist and a biotechnologist. The Laboratory staff consists of two histopathologists, a haematopathologist, a clinical haematologist, a microbiologist, immunochemist and a team of medical laboratory technologists who possess vast experience in routine and specialized laboratory diagnostic procedures and research. In addition we offer an advisory /consultancy service.

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