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Macroscopic, Microscopis Examination and Culture of Urine, Pus, Sputum, Stool, CSF, Blood and other body fluids. Icolation, identification and Sensetivity testing for both Aerobic and Anaerobic Bactaria. Biochemical analysis of Urine and CS.


HbA1C, Electrolytes/Urea, Liver function tests, Cardiac Enzymes, Renal function tests, Lipids Blood Sugar, G.T.T. Pancreatic Function tests, Serum Protien-total, Albumin and Globulin.


Thyroid Profile, Tumor Markers, Reproduction/Fertility.


Estimation of Full Blood Count, ESR, Sickle Cell test, HB-electrophoresis, Ferrritin, Platelet Counts, Bleeding and Easy Brusability profile, Reticulocyte counts, Detection of Haemo-parasites. ABO and Rh Blood group, Coomb’s test, MONO-TEST, R.A Latex and A.S.O.T.


Hepetitis HIV, Widal (Typhoid), Brucellosis, Toxoplasmosis.


Syphilis, Vaginitis, Urethratis, HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia trachomatis.


Developed by pathologists for pathologists

Fully automated immune pathology, means IHC i.e.

  1. Faster Turnaround time.
  2. High quality tissue Staining (Homogenous)
  3. Individual slide staining
  4. Flexibility to do several antibodies at the same time.
  5. Increased work flow
  6. Reduction of re-staining by 30%
  7. No need for dilute the antibodies
  8. Clear diagnostics and prognostics


n order to be a breast cancer diagnostic center on excellence it is real important to have a high degree of confidence in the analyzing the bio markers that the breast cancer diagnostics.
They have been quite a few criticism about all the variables different lab have in there bio marker testing program, LMK was very interesting in drive those variables out, so Pathologist counting a large number of cell is not something they want to do manual through the microscope, so having the digital image analysis allows LMK to take what are called fields of view using the virtuoso software and count a large number of cells so low positives, negatives and weak expressers are those type of breast cancer case where the digital image analysis Has the High Value.

Ventana has the full FDA clearance for the entire group of markers making it a great confidence booster in LMK and its breast cancer bio marker program. When all the slides have been imaged and image analyzed LMK is able to produce very informative reports with images, bar graphs showing percentage positivity. This reports can be integrated into the patients’ medical records, and oncologist are very keen interested in this they routinely use the reports for counselling with the patient.

LMK is able to share images in multiply venues, e.g. tumor boards, remote consultants, Multidisciplinary meetings and for educational purposes.